San Diego Dog Training

San Diego Dog Training

We all have the luxury of living in one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. The weather is perfect almost every single day, and that means a lot about the activities.

For many of us, we can’t even think about going outside without having a dog by our side. As dog owners ourselves, we at Fuzzy Faces Dog Training in San Diego understand that proper training can go a long way. No matter what a person is looking to gain out of training, they can start to see results working with us.

Sure, dog training to some degree can be done without professional help, but it often takes a lot of effort (and luck). We have decades of experience on our staff, all capable of making life easier for owners and dogs.

Need help training your dog? Fuzzy Faces Dog Training San Diego is here to help. Give us a call today at 877-500-2275 and let us train your dog for you. We offer affordable hourly rates and only hire the best trainers.

Continue reading the article below to learn more about the dog training process and the types of training we provide.

Types of dog training we offer

There are many different types of dog training, and each one requires specialists to focus on specific commands and teaching methods. We have a wide variety of instructors to help out all types of breeds.

If we offer great training in one category, most customers will use us in the future as well. That is why we spend so much time and energy perfecting our methods.

Puppy training

When a puppy is very young, they have a lot of learning to do. Teaching them how to act at a young age can be very valuable in the long run. As the saying goes, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. By ingraining proper training in their minds early, it will set up years of enjoyment.

Our training with puppies is basic at first. Our focus is on building them up for more challenges as they age. To get everything down just right, all training also needs to be worked on at home. If they do not spend a lot of time training with their owner, they run the risk of having some issues in the end.

We offer individual puppy training tailored to each type of dog. Some dogs take longer to learn certain skills than others, so there is no set curriculum we stick to.

Dog leash training

Going out in public with a dog should be a very fun and laid-back experience. If dog training isn’t done properly to help them act appropriately on a leash, it can be very stressful.

Dog leash training is another type of training that should be done sooner rather than later with young puppies. The goal is to get them to act like it does not restrict them in any way. The more they stay close to their owners, the less they will feel the pull of the leash.

This is another type of training that really needs worked on at home as well. Owners should be patient at first, because there is a learning curve for younger dogs. We make it so it is very easy to have the dog around near the beach, or in a public park with a bunch of other dogs.

Potty training

We receive a lot of requests from people in the area looking to potty train their dog. After they reach a certain age, potty training camp again with some very basic instructions.

A dog is unable to completely control their bladder in the very beginning, so it does take a little bit of time for them to handle waiting to use the restroom. What makes our training unique is that we ask for any specifics on circumstances at home. For example, some people live in apartments where there are elevators dogs need to wait on. It’s important to train them to have that extra bit of patience in the end before going outside.

Potty training is very important for those people who have to leave their dog by themselves throughout the day. All it takes is an accident or two for it to become a major issue. If a dog becomes scared or spooked, it can set the training process back as well.

No bark training

Barking is something a lot of dogs rely on, but controlling the amount of barking is something a lot of people come to us for. We focus on humane methods to control barking, and we provide some of the fastest results in the industry.

Patience is a huge key when dealing with excessive barking. We know exactly what certain dogs need so that they remain calm and relaxed. We also teach them different ways to communicate with their owners so that there is not a ton of barking all day and night. It’s important to be very gentle with the dogs during this time, because any type of pain could cause them to bark more in the future.

Agility training

For the best experience with a dog, a lot of people look into agility training. This allows certain breeds to really show off all they are capable of doing outside. San Diego is the perfect city to have dogs who can do all sorts of tricks. Some breeds will go for a long time without really showing much of a slow down.

Depending on the type of trick, training could be pretty rigorous to reach a certain level. We keep everything fun and exciting for dogs going through agility training. We also encourage owners to stop by and participate in the training as well. Since they are going to be the ones playing with them, it just makes sense, in the end, to learn at the same time.

Dog training process

We use a lot of repetition and discipline in our training process every single day. While we make it enjoyable for dogs and dog owners, we also keep a tight guard on things to make sure that progress is always being made.

We have also made hires sure that we have experts in all of our different training options. A person who focuses all the time on agility simply won’t be able to know everything about potty training. That is why we use different instructors at times, and specialization makes the whole process go faster.

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Why hire Fuzzy Faces Dog Training in San Diego?

We firmly believe that we offer the best value in San Diego dog training right now. Customers from all over the metro area have relied on us for a few years now, and we have the reviews the back of our claims.

Not only do we offer many types of training, but we work around tough schedules. Some people find it very difficult to get their dog in for training, but we are always customizing plans to make everything work.

Our focus since the beginning has been on helping humans efficiently develop their new best friends. From practical training to a little bit of fun, all of our methods work efficiently.

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Listing of / Information about the different dog rescues / pet shelters near San Diego

The San Diego Humane Society

A great place to start looking for a dog in the San Diego area is the Humane Society. They have new dogs up for adoption every single day, and it does not cost much upfront to get everything started.

Second Chance Dog Rescue

This is a smaller shelter, but it is dogs only. They usually have some pretty good breed variety, offering people a great way to find a dog they love locally. 

PAWS of Coronado

They don’t always have a huge selection, but they have great reviews as a place so many people love going to in the area. It is a bit of a hike for some people in the downtown San Diego area, but a place to start for those on the south side of the metro area.

Lucky Pup Dog Rescue of San Diego

A lot of younger dogs are housed here, but be prepared, because they go quickly. It’s always advised that if a certain option stands out, take action that same day.

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Listing of Places / Parks to Walk your Dog in San Diego

Nate’s Point Dog Park

This fenced-in dog park is just over two acres, but it is the perfect size for dogs to enjoy life to the fullest. There are always a bunch of dogs visiting at the same time to play around with and have fun.

Kearny Mesa Dog Park

Very similar to Nate’s Point, but in a different area of the city. There is always a lot going on inside the park besides just dogs enjoying life, so make plans for a fun and exciting day.

Morley Field Dog Park

This is a dog park with a view in the area. It is located in a canyon, with many connected trails for longer walks/runs. It is a perfect place to check out for locals and visitors to the area.

Little Italy Dog Park

Located very close to everything in Downtown San Diego, Little Italy Dog Park is one to check out. Make sure to bring a leash so that the adventure can continue throughout all the sights and sounds of the area.