People from all over the world face the same problem and often ask this question. What to do with their pets when they are sick, or have some family obligations or going out for vacations. Some owner does take their pets along with them but faces a lot of problems because many hotels don’t allow pets in their premises. This may lead to spoiling of vacations or any other issues to the pet owners. Sometimes they have to take favors from their neighbors or relatives to take care of their pets.

So pet owners need a support system that can take care of their pets in times of emergencies with utmost care and dedication. So different pet care services are there who have come up to care of the pets when their owners are out with some emergencies or work. Buckhead Paws is one such pet care service that takes care of your pets as their own.

What Is Pet Sitting:

Pet sitting or a pet care service is an act of taking care of another person’s pet for some specific scheduled time. Nowadays, to make life easy for people, many pet care services have come up, which takes care of their pets on their premises. These pet care service owners take care of every need of the pets and make them feel at home.

Purpose of Pet Care Services:

The main purpose of these pet care services are:

1. To give your pet a happy and safe and compassionate home.
2. To give you the best of your time without any worries and guilt when you are away on vacations or some emergencies.

Tasks of a Pet Sitter:

The primary task of a pet sitter involves feeding, exercise, and companionship.

1. Taking Care of Pets DuringVacation :

Vacation care is one of the most common services that is offered by pet sitters. The pet sitters may visit the pet owner’s house or make arrangements in his place, when the pet owner is out for vacations to take care of the pet’s food and feeding, exercising, grooming, providing companionship, monitoring health, etc. Provide food and water and brush fur and teeth and carry out other types of grooming, walking dogs. Their job also includes cleaning of litter boxes, to give medication if needed. Pet sitters are also responsible for informing the pet owners and taking pets to the veterinary doctor if they become sick or meet some injury.

Dog walking:

Pet care services generally provide dog walking services. People hire pet care service givers to take care of their pets when they are unable to take care of themselves. Pet sitters may also offer another mode of exercise for dogs during dog walking appointments. These activities include jogging, running, inline skating, bicycling, or dog scootering with client dogs. In some places, commercial dog walkers need a professional license. Buck Paws has all the necessary documents and licensed professionals to walk the dogs.

Bonding and Insurance Policy:

Generally, professional pet care services providers provide insurance through pet sitter insurance providers. These insurance providers are area or region-specific. These insurance plans offer coverage for the transport of pets, health issues, proper care, custody, injury caused by pets to others, and control.

When a pet sitter is convicted in a criminal offense regarding a theft from a client’s home, then a bond of dishonesty and infidelity is passed against him or her. If the pet sitter is found guilty, then he or she has to reimburse the relationship to the client. But this a very long and tiresome procedure and may take several years.

Certification and Accreditation:

Pet service providers give proper training and then take a review of their achievements and training modules and only give them authorized certification for accreditation. The module of pet sitting training includes pet care, nutrition and feeding habits, behavior of animals, health and first aid, animal law information. Before issuing a certificate of accreditation, a thorough criminal background check is also done. The trainee has to provide certain information such as proof of bonding and insurance, a declaration regarding completion of a pet first aid program, professionalism and adherence to industry norms, etc. Knowledge of animal CPR and first aid is added and a valuable asset to people who want to be in this career and can have an edge by acquiring this knowledge and can attract more clients.

Buckhead Paws service providers have qualified and certified pet sitters whom the clients can rely on faith

Job Specifications of a Pet Sitter:

It is tough to describe the exact job qualifications and skills of a pet sitter. The experience could be an additional addon, and education generally isn’t required. So what job specifications do we need for a pet sitter. The first experience is much needed, personal vehicle along with soft skills or attributes like reliability, love of animals, compassion, availability on weekends and holidays as required, etc.

Pet sitters should have a good rapport with the animals and must enjoy spending time with animals.
The pet sitters should be reliable enough to their clients so that they can rely on them, that they will take good care of their pets when they are not around. Pet sitters should prove to be trustworthy as the clients give them the authority to be there in their homes at times when they are away from home. They must prove themselves worthy of this reliability and worthiness.

So, at Buckhead paws pet care service providers, you will need the staff that is well qualified, experienced, and certified and having softer skills to deal with your pets as their own with compassion, love, and reliability. You will never feel guilty conscious of leaving your pets whenever you are away from your home due to vacations or some emergencies. Utmost care is guaranteed to pets like our pets. Leave worries and enjoy your guilt-free holidays by giving us your pets.

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