Houston Dog Training

Houston Dog Training

With warm weather all year round, a sprawling metropolis and more, the city of Houston is one of the top places to live for dog owners. The dog days of summer might be pretty hot, but there are plenty of ways for dogs to cool down and enjoying life in the big city.

At Fuzzy Faces Dog Training, we offer several services for people who are looking for fast, effective training for their furry friend. We offer the best Houston dog training in many categories, and we take the time to get things right.

Give us a call today at 832-845-4680 and let us train your dog for you. We offer affordable hourly rates and only hire the best trainers.

Before getting started with us, it’s important to know all the different services we provide.

Continue reading the article below to learn more about the dog training process and the types of training we provide.

Types of dog training

When people search for dog training services online, a lot of results show up. Dogs need training for certain skills, and we understand how different potty training can be from agility training. That is why we have a specialist in all of our categories.

Puppy training

Early on in a dog’s life, puppy training is necessary so that they act well at home and in public. Learning some of the basics at a very early age will make taking on a puppy much easier. They are pretty reckless if they are not trained to follow basic orders and commands.

Nobody likes to be completely overwhelmed with all the responsibilities that come with a new puppy. There are ways to do the training and work on things at home, but a professional trainer will help provide proper building blocks for the learning process.

We point the dog in the right direction. Training is an ongoing process in the first year of a dog’s life, so practicing at home is a must. We always encourage owners to come in and work with their dog during training when they can.

Dog leash training

Not every area in Houston requires a dog leash, but it is still important to take the time to train a new dog on how to behave when on a leash.

Everyone has seen the dog owner who appears to be in very little control of their dog. The dog is trying to go one way, while the owner is pulling another way. In most cases, this happens because not enough time and effort is put into dog leash training.

A leash should be a safety net for if disaster strikes and the dog is spooked. For the most part, they should feel like they are not even on a leash, because that means they are well trained and behaved. Constantly tugging and trying to go a separate way is not only stressful for the owner, but painful for the dog.

Potty training

As soon as a dog becomes old enough that they can control their bladder somewhat, it’s important to focus on potty training right away. This is especially important for people who must keep their dogs inside for a long time. It can be extremely overwhelming at first, especially if a person is coming home to some weird smells. Accidents happen, but they need to be dealt with, or they will happen again and again.

The potty training process is pretty straightforward for us. We know exactly what works with dogs, and even what works with specific breeds. We not only help the dog understand when they need to control their bowel movements, but we can instruct owners on how to work on the training at home.

We also offer extremely specific training for anyone who has a unique living circumstance. For example, those who live in areas where they need to walk a bit before relieving themselves can get some special training that helps for those last few seconds of holding.

No bark training

Dogs have the ability to bark for a reason, and that they should never be completely silenced. With that said, some dogs simply bark too much and too often. If it is really getting in the way of proper sleep and rest, it might be time to sign up for no bark training.

A lot of owners will also use no bark training so that they do not face any complaints from neighbors. We ensure that we use the proper training techniques so that the dog is never in pain or suffering. There are too many options out there that don’t care about the well-being of the dog. It is very important to ask that every dog leaves still feeling very loved in general.

Once we start to lay a strong foundation down for the dog, we then work directly with owners so that the no bark training works properly. Dogs are very smart and resilient when it comes to you learning how to not rely on their voice so much, and they actually start to communicate in other ways.

Agility training

A dog doesn’t have to be super athletic to really enjoy agility training, but it certainly helps. We take all dogs of all shapes and sizes to get them in agility mode.

This is one type of training that really depends on working with the owner, because ultimately they will be the ones participating in certain tricks and movements. Understanding exactly how to motivate the dog when going through agility obstacles will pay huge dividends. Taking that extra step to help out everyone is really something we take a lot of pride in.

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Explaining our dog training process

Over the last few years, we have perfected our dog training process so that everything is as streamlined as possible. We understand that most people don’t want to spend a lot of time or money training their dog, but it is required to get maximum enjoyment.

We focus on the essentials, building a strong foundation and going from there. We find the dogs that have a strong understanding from an early age will be able to pick up on more complex things down the road.

We also believe in training with care. Every single one of us has our own furry friends at home, and too many training companies focus on yelling and being rough with animals. That is not what we are about. We treat every single dog that comes through our doors as one of our own.

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Why you should hire us as a company

We at Fuzzy Faces focus on the little things that other training companies just don’t seem to care about. Dogs need to be loved and cared for, especially at a very early age. We understand that their clients can feel some anxiety dropping off their dog and hoping for the best. We are in constant communication with every single client, and that means giving constant updates on how things are going.

We also always encourage owners to watch our training methods and even participate when the opportunity arises. Since an owner is going to be using a lot of these training methods at home, it makes a lot of sense for clients to be trained in a way as well.

There are a lot of people who have busy schedules, so we try to accommodate as many people as possible by having flexible hours. This allows people to have one less excuse when it comes to properly training their dog. We can take care of everything while a person is at work, or we have after work opportunities for those who want a more hands-on approach.

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Listing of / Information about the different dog rescues / pet shelters near Houston

Friends For Life

As the name implies, the focus is on linking humans with pets they can enjoy for years to come. Friends For Life is very thorough in finding proper fits so that everyone leaves happy.

BARC Animal Shelter and Adoptions

Centrally located BARC Animal Shelter and Adoptions is a great place for people to get started early on in the adoption process. They have a huge selection almost always, and they have plenty of play areas for people to see if they have found the right fit or not.

Special Pals

On the west side of the city, a lot of people are really falling in love with what Special Pals brings to the table. They do a great job of working with all the pets they take in and helping them shine before they even go up for adoption. It has a great vibe stepping into their offices from the very beginning, and there are always new dogs coming in.

Houston Humane Society

It’s always worth checking out any local Humane Society. They are funded very well, and that allows them to take care of all the dogs they end up bring in.

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Listing of Places / Parks to Walk your Dog in Houston

Millie Bush Dog Park

It is a bit of a hike for some people since it is on the West side of town, but this is arguably the most popular dog park in the city. There are separate areas for different sized dogs, and everyone leaves having a great time.

Danny Jackson Family Bark Park

This park is located in a pretty busy area, but it has plenty of room for all dogs to explore and have some fun. It even has a small pool area for dogs to cool off when it gets hot.

Johnny Steele Dog Park

There are trails, outdoor getaways, enclosed areas and more all catered to dogs. This is a great park to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Congressman Bill Archer Dog Park

Ready to focus on some agility training? This might be the perfect dog park to check out. Dogs can explore the entire area and really have a fun time by themselves, or socializing with other dogs.