Denver Dog Training

Denver Dog Training

There are a few cities in the United States as dog-friendly as Denver. With so many trails to explore, it is very easy for dogs to get all the exercise they could ever want to. Whether it be in the heart of the downtown area or up in the mountains, dogs love it in the Rockies.

Before they are ready to hit the trails, Dogs need the proper amount of training so that they act responsibly in public. That is where Fuzzy Faces Dog Training Denver comes in the play.

We offer a variety of services for owners to take advantage of. Every single service we provide is handled by smart instructors who have years of experience with dogs. It’s a process that takes time, but the rewards pay off in a big way. Give us a call today: 303-500-7988 .

Continue reading the article below to learn more about the dog training process and the types of training we provide.

Types of Dog Training

Puppy Training

Getting a new puppy can be a very enjoyable experience, but they need to have the proper training so that they can go out in public without an issue. There are some basic training options for people at home to work on, but many leave it up to professionals at first so that everything is done properly.

The very basics are covered in the beginning, because most other tricks are based on some standard knowledge. Training is usually kept very short with puppies, since they don’t have the longest attention spans in the world. Not only is professional training important, but constantly practicing at home at all hours of the day can really drive things home.

Rewards are important with puppies, both verbally and physically. Don’t be afraid to give them a few treats along the way. If it doesn’t seem like they are grasping some of the training methods, sign up for more professional classes to get everything sorted out.

Dog Leash Training

There are a decent amount of off-leash parks in the Denver area, but dog leash training is still very important. If a dog is not properly trained, it will be very difficult to take them out in public around humans and other dogs.

With dog leash training, the focus is on not having the dog constantly pull and stress themselves out when on a leash. Nobody wants to constantly be pulling their dog back throughout the entire walk and apologizing to other dog owners.

It takes some time and effort, but it’s important in this area to have proper dog leash training. The more well behaved they are on walks, the more exploring that can be done all around the Denver metropolitan area.

Potty Training

It takes time with any new dog to make sure that they are properly potty trained. It can pay off hugely, because no one wants to worry about leaving their dog at home and possibly coming back to an accident on the floor.

Potty train a dog usually begins when they are about three months old. They will have enough control of their bladder and bowel movements that they can starting learning how to hold everything in.

Professional assistance can be beneficial for those people who are trying to potty train a dog for the first time. It can be a pretty difficult process, because a dog’s natural instinct is to go when they have to go.

This type of training becomes even more difficult if a person lives in a residential area. Even when they first step outside, they might not be able to relieve themselves right away. Another frustrating part is if they are stuck on an elevator during peak hours.

With time and effort, dogs can usually become pretty proficient in using the bathroom outside. If they are left unattended for long periods, make sure that they are the first priority once you get home. If they are ignored, this is when accidents are likely to happen.

No Bark Training

A dog’s bark is very helpful in some situations, but excessive barking can become a real nuisance. If it is getting very difficult to get rest at night, or if neighbors are complaining, it is time to take a dog to no bark training.

The first step in the process is to try removing what motivates a dog to bark. If they are constantly barking at something they see out the window, blocking off that window might be the best solution. Dogs don’t bark for no reason, so illuminating that reason is the best way to go.

Another important part of the training process is ignoring the barking and not giving dogs attention when they do it. If the dogs feel like they are billing ignored, they are likely going to stop.

Dogs can really benefit from knowing certain commands that control barking. The most common command taught to dogs is, of course, the word “quiet”. With the right amount of training from professionals, a dog can learn the word quiet in a relatively short amount of time. It might be temporary in the beginning, but dogs will start to learn that they need to be quiet, and stay quiet.

Agility Training

Certain breeds are going to be into agility training more than others. With that said, a lot of dog owners like the idea of exercising their dog and allowing them to learn new tricks along the way.

In order for a dog to truly be agile, it takes a lot of hard work and practice. Not only does professional training help, but working on things at home is very beneficial as well. Dogs are always learning in some capacity when they are trying to become great on obstacle courses.

Many people who look into agility training want to have a great bonding experience with their dogs. Professional training does help in some ways, but if an owner can become a trainer, it makes things a lot easier.

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Dog Training Process

The dog training process might seem tedious at first glance, but when working with experts, dogs can be pretty fast learners. A lot is going to depend on the breed of the dog, and at what age they start training. With years of experience, we know exactly what needs to be done to ensure that results happen sooner rather than later.

We understand that every different breed needs a slightly altered training process. There is simply no such thing as a one size fits all type of training method.

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Why Hire our Company – Fuzzy Faces Dog Training

We understand that there are a lot of dog training facilities in the Denver area. We believe that we set ourselves apart by offering quality, personal care the dogs respond well to.

When dogs go through any training method, a gentle touch and the proper approach can make all the difference in the world. Dogs are treated as a number with us, but instead, the same way a human client would be treated at a gym. We understand that proper training is important, and setting the right standards from the beginning will speed up the entire process.

Finally, we feel as though we provide the best value for Denver dog training in the area. There are cheaper alternatives out there for dog training, but they don’t have nearly the same results. It makes no sense to settle with subpar service.

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Listing of / Information about the different dog rescues / pet shelters near Denver

Denver Animal Shelter

The best place to start for a pet shelter in the Denver area is the official Denver Animal Shelter. They always have new dogs coming in, needing adoption. With flexible hours and a constantly updated website, dogs come and go in a hurry. If you find one you want, act quickly.

Dumb Friends League

This is a very popular location for people looking for cats and dogs to adopt. Those in the southeast part of town should definitely check out all they have to offer. At times, they get a bit overwhelmed, so some pet choices are not posted online. The only way to see them is to visit.

MaxFund Dog Shelter

They don’t always have the biggest selection, but they are very close to the Denver Animal Shelter. Most people check out both places to see as many options as possible.

Aurora Animal Shelter

The best option on the east side of town. Aurora is constantly bringing in new dogs, and they take great care of them.

Foothills Animal Shelter

On the west side of town, dog lovers will find some great options with very low fees. They always have a great variety of puppies and adult dogs available.

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Listing of Places / Parks to Walk your Dog in Denver

Sloan’s Lake Park

A popular destination for a lot of different outdoor activities, there are plenty of trails for dog owners to let their loved ones roam around and enjoy life.

Stapleton Off-Leash Dog Park

As the name implies, this is a great place to let the dog run free and not have to worry about angry stares from others. If the dog plays well with others, it’s a perfect spot with a lot of space.

Lowry Dog Park

Just south of Stapleton is another great option on the east side of town. There are some great views for humans to enjoy while the dog has fun.

Berkeley Dog Park

There are some options for trails, as well as an off-leash park area if dogs want to roam around and have fun with others.

Confluence Park

A great area in the heart of the city that is very dog-friendly. Plenty of sights and sounds to keep dogs interested.

Kennedy Dog Park

It’s a smaller park in the southeast part of the city, but many people love all it has to offer. A great first dog park to without huge crowds.