Chicago Dog Training

Chicago Dog Training

Chicago looks at pet ownership as a serious commitment. In fact, all dogs older than four months have to be registered with the city. Every dog is given a tag with a unique number for ease of search and identification. Registration is also necessary if you want to enter parks with dog-friendly facilities and doggy daycare establishments.

In order to qualify, the pet must have rabies vaccination. Unsterilized dogs have higher license fees because of the likelihood of unplanned litters. On a personal note, owners will probably want to have their pets trained for good behavior. Fuzzy Faces Dog Training Chicago can help in this regard.

Need help training your dog? Fuzzy Faces Dog Training Chicago is here to help. Give us a call today at 312-436-2122 and let us train your dog for you. We offer affordable hourly rates and only hire the best trainers.

Continue reading the article below to learn more about the dog training process and the types of training we provide.

Types of Dog Training

Training can take different approaches as dogs have varying response to stimuli. What works for some may not work on others. Owners may also have their preferences since certain types of training could appear to be too stressful on their pets. The whole process can be completed by the owners themselves. However, inexperienced ones are likely to have a hard time and require a longer period before getting any results.

First-time dog owners will have a better outcome with the assistance of professional dog trainers. Even experienced owners might want to seek the help of the pros for their unresponsive pets. Here at Fuzzy Faces, our team of trainers are more than capable of handling any breed and using any type of training method. Tell us more about your furry friend and your goals for it. We’ll do everything in our power to reach those targets.

1. Puppy Training

Puppies are guaranteed to bring a smile to people’s faces. At this early stage of development, dogs are very small, adorable, and playful. They are also primed for learning habits that they are going to carry for the rest of their lives. It is best to train them early so that good behavior becomes ingrained in their psyche. If you neglect to train them right away, then they might get used to misbehaving and that cuteness will fade quite quickly.

Given their young age, our training for puppies will consist of simple tasks that should be easy for them to grasp. This can increase in complexity as time goes on. Everything is designed such that owners can enjoy a positive experience with their baby dog. We will also teach owners about the things that they can do to supplement professional training and reinforce the right behaviors. With pros and owner working together, puppies will surely get the guidance they need to be the best pets ever.

2. Dog Leash Training

Dogs can certainly go about without a leash within their owner’s property. However, things are different anytime that they go outside. According to the Chicago Municipal Code, dogs will need to be put under restraint beyond the property line unless they are specially trained for rescue or law enforcement. The use of a leash or a lead is recommended, but cage and crates may be utilized as well when going to public spaces. The exception would be dog parks but a special tag and permit is required in these areas. Violations will be sanctioned with fines. If the dog damages property or attacks people, then incarceration and community hours may be imposed as well.

It is therefore crucial for owners to take dog leash training seriously. Dogs should be comfortable with this form of restraint so that they won’t try to take it off or run away. Control should not be a struggle between man and canine. If they are used to having a leash around their necks, then they can act normally and exhibit better behavior. Then you can confidently take them out to enjoy the parks or even just regular walks around your neighborhood.

3. Potty Training

Nothing is more frustrating than having pet dogs pee and poop anywhere they please. The house will stink and become unbearable to be in. It can be embarrassing to have guests come in only for them to see and smell the undesirable signs of your dog’s presence. You will end up cleaning all day and struggling to hide telltale marks on the carpet. The resulting property damage, embarrassment, and health issues can have a significant cost. Do yourself a favor and start potty training as soon as possible to avoid this fate.

The good news is that puppies develop bladder control in as early as a few weeks. This means that owners will not have to deal with this headache for very long. Potty training can commence right away and have great results if the proper methods are employed. In most cases, the key to success is to provide appropriate rewards. This is positive reinforcement wherein good behavior is praised, usually by giving a treat and by making reassuring gestures. Some dogs respond quickly while others take more time before they can connect their behavior with the reward.

4. No Bark Training

Nonstop barking can make pet owners the object of contempt within the neighborhood. If they cannot keep their dogs quiet, then people around will be affected with loss of concentration and lack of sleep. This is particularly prevalent in urban areas like most of Chicago where homes are in close proximity with each other. Loud barks can affect multiple families and lead to numerous complaints. What used to be a happy community can become quite a contentious one. After all, excessive noise and sleeplessness can have a very negative effect on the mind.

The occasional barking should not be a problem. Indeed, many dogs are chosen for their ability to detect intruders and other undesirable circumstances. Barks can warn the homeowner and scare off the malicious individuals. However, this should be controlled so as to avoid excess. Training can teach them other ways to communicate so that they can be better understood. The volume may also be reduced with the right methods. It is common for some places to train with harmful devices but we at Fuzzy Faces Chicago Dog Training would rather take a humane approach.

5. Agility Training

Owners should make the most out of Chicago’s amazing parks and dog-friendly spaces. Before doing so, however, it would be best if their pets can receive a good amount of agility training. This should help the furry ones move around and play without getting out of control. They will also be able to navigate different courses and obstacles with ease. This is available for dogs of various breeds and will be tailored to their level of agility.

Unlike some of the training types discussed, this one will require the presence of owners throughout the sessions. They need to learn what to do for the tricks to work at the same time as their pets. Their presence will also make the dogs more comfortable and eager to obey commands. They can learn quite a lot of tricks within a short period.

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Dog Training Process

Dogs are often considered as family members. Thus, they receive a great deal of support and attention. It also means that searching for a dog training company is done carefully, like how parents look for the best schools for their children.

At Fuzzy Faces Chicago, we understand the owners’ concerns. We only use benign techniques so dogs feels safe and happy in our care. We also limit our acceptance rate to ensure that each case gets the attention it deserves. With our level of support, dogs are sure to develop good habits quickly.

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Why Hire our Company – Fuzzy Faces Dog Training

Our amazing team is composed of pet-loving locals in Chicago. Everyone has years of experience in training dogs of their own and those of others. As locals, they know all about the relevant laws that owners must adhere to. They are also aware of the various facilities that are available in the city for their furry friends. Aside from being excellent trainers, they can also provide useful tips and tricks that residents can use.

Only tried and tested methods are used to elicit good behavior. Results come fast and easy so owners can forget their worries right away. What’s more, we provides all of our services at reasonable rates. Even those with a small budget should be able to afford Chicago dog training. You should still be able to give all of your pet’s needs while getting professional assistance.

We can adjust to your schedule. We know that not everyone can attend to dog training within the usual office hours so we will tailor our hours to fit yours. Tell us when you are free so that we can find a slot that works well for you.

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Information about the different dog rescues and pet shelters near Chicago

1. ALIVE Rescue

Located at Belmont Avenue, this place is run by people who aim to save and rehabilitate abandoned or abused animals for adoption. All those rescued get physical, medical, and behavioral support.

2. Chicago Canine Rescue

At Elston Avenue, you can find this pet adoption facility that cares for homeless pets and tries to find they forever families. They take in some of the most vulnerable animal in the city and cares for them until they are able to regain their health.

3. One Tail at a Time

This highly rated animal shelter values compassion, community engagement, progress, growth, and focus on vulnerable populations. Their support for adoption is widely praised.

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Listing of Parks to Walk your Dog in Chicago

There is no shortage of excellent open spaces for canines in the city. In these parks, it is possible to unleash the dogs and let them run to their heart’s content. The lush greenery, seating options, tree shade, secure fencing, drinking fountains, and other features make them convenient destinations forpet owners. Some of the best ones in Chicago include the following:

1. Montrose Dog Beach

The first off-leash beach in the city. Soak up the sun and play on the sand with your furry friend.

2. Mary Bartelme Park

Located at a trendy neighborhood, this park contains a dog-friendly area in the West Loop with a water fountain.

3. Norwood Park

The space is big enough to satisfy large dogs with energy to burn. Dog toys and swimming pools are available.