Top 10 Best Pitbull Dog Toys For 2020 Reviews

Dogs love chewing on things and for you to stop them from destroying everything around you. You need to look for the top pitbull dog toys in the market. Ensure that they are safe to be used by the dog and don’t have any toxic chemicals. Also, ensure that they are durable and great for aggressive dogs.

1. Youngever 8 Durable Dog Chew Toys

Youngever 8 Durable Dog Chew Toys

The puppy toys are safe and non-toxic, and they don’t have any chemicals. This means that your dog can chew on them and be very safe. They are made from 100% rubber which is safe for your dog.

Additionally, these dog toys are durable, and they can be used for a very long time. You don’t need to keep running to the pet store for new toys every other day.

All the dog toys are of great size which is ideal for the small, medium and extra small dogs. Moreover, the toys are perfect for aggressive dogs as they are made from durable material. They help support healthy gums and teeth.

The dog toys come with a 100% money-back guarantee, which shows that the company has faith in their products that they will serve you and your dog well.

  • The toys are safe and non-toxic
  • They are made from durable material
  • Perfect for aggressive chewers
  • They come with a 100% money refund if you find that they are not up to your standards

  • They have a lot of rope toys which can’t be good if your dog prefers other toys

Check it out: /youngever8dogchewtoys

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2. Pacific Pups Products

Pacific Pups Products

These dog toys were created with the most caring and best intention to support the pacific pups rescue dogs. This is a great initiative as it helps support the pups before they are adopted.

The dog toys are made from safe materials that don’t harm your dog. However, these toys are not made from strong materials as the company aims at the safety of the dogs. This means that the toys are not indestructible.

Also, the dog toys come with giraffe and carrot dog floss toy. These floss toys are perfect when it comes to cleaning the dog’s teeth. They help you maintain oral hygiene to your dog. However, the floss toys are not very durable, and you need to change them when they break or they fray.

The rope toys are perfect for tags, and they can be used by both medium, small and large dogs. Also, rope toys are perfect for aggressive toys since they are not easily destructed.

  • They help reduce dogs anxiety
  • The rope toys are durable
  • The toys don’t have any toxic chemicals and are safe for your dog

  • The floss toys are not very durable

Check it out: /pacificpupstoysforaggressivechewers

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3. ZippyPaws – Skinny Peltz No Stuffing

ZippyPaws - Skinny Peltz No Stuffing

The zippy paws are fun characters that will keep your dog interested. These toys look like a raccoon, squirrel and a fox. They are perfect playmates for your pet dog.

Moreover, the toys are fitted with speakers that deliver a squeaky sound when the dog chews on them. The toys contain high-quality sounds that produce a clear sound that keep your dog entertained.

Moreover, the toys don’t have any stuffing in them. This is to ensure that they last longer and your dog can use them for a long time. Additionally, lack of stuffing in the toys ensures that your dog is safe and doesn’t choke since the stuffing can be a choking hazard.
Also, the lack of staffing ensures that your dog doesn’t create a mess in your house.

The toys are of the perfect size of 18 inches. This means that they can be used by any medium-sized dog at any life stage. The toys are designed to fit in any modern home and for any modern dog owner.

  • The toys are a fun character
  • They have a speaker which produces squeaky sounds to entertain your dog

  • You need to watch over your dog while playing with the toy if it loves to swallow sock-like things

Check it out: /zippypawsskinnypeltzplushdogtoy

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4. Allstar Innovations Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

Allstar Innovations Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

This is a fun toy for your pet dog. The ball has giggle sounds that encourage the dog to play with it. This is because the sound makes the dog curious of what’s going on and get excited to pick the ball. You can encourage your dog to play with the ball by giving it treats and giving it compliments.

Additionally, the ball can be used by any dog sizes from small, medium and large. Also, the ball is great for all dog ages, and it is safe to use. The ball is a great form of exercise, and it keeps your dog healthy, fit and happy at all times. It is a great toy that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is perfect for keeping your dog happy and entertained.

Moreover, the toy has 6 clutch pockets, which make it easier or the dog to pick it up. The dog only needs to give the ball a little shove, and they can pick it up.

  • The toy is great for both indoors and outdoors
  • It has 6 clutch pockets to make it easier for the dog to pick

  • It is not to be used as a chew toy

Check it out: /allstarinnovationsgiggleball

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5. Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone

Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone

The benebone is made in a dog-friendly design where it allows for the dog to pick up and chew on it good. This makes the dog have an easy time chewing on the bone without struggling to find the perfect position.

Also, the bone is made from the real flavour, which makes the dog interested in chewing on it. It comes in three flavours the bacon flavour, chicken and peanut flavours. The company uses real food ingredients to add flavour to the bones.

The benebones are not edible, and you need to keep a close eye on your pet for safety. When you notice the bone is getting worn out, you should throw it away and replace it.

The company is concerned about dog welfare, and it carries out donations and is very involved with community development.

  • It has a dog-friendly design
  • Made from real flavours

  • The bone is not edible

Check it out: /benebonewishbonedogchewtoy

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6. Petstages Dogwood Wooden Dog Chew Toy

Petstages Dogwood Wooden Dog Chew Toy

This wooden dog chew toy satisfies your dog’s instinct to chew on wood. The toy has BBQ flavour which interests your dog to continue chewing. Moreover, it is made from strong and durable material that makes it last longer.

The wood toy does not splinter, which is safer for your dog as compared to chewing on wood. The toy has the aesthetic look and feel of natural wood.

Moreover, this toy is perfect for chewing and does not create any mess in your home. Unlike the use of natural wood, this toy does not shed, and there is less mess created on the floor.

The toy can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities. Since dogs love to chase and fetch sticks, this toy is perfect for interactive play with your pet.

The wooden sticks come in different sizes that are comfortable for different sized dogs. From small puppies to big dogs.

  • The toy is durable
  • There is no splintering
  • The toy does not cause any mess on your floor

  • You need to supervise your dog so that it does not ingest the bone

Check it out: /petstagesdogwooddogchewtoy

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7. Nylabone Flavor Frenzy Giant Dog Chew Toys

Nylabone Flavor Frenzy Giant Dog Chew Toys

Nylabone flavoured chewing toy is great for any dog size. The toys come in different sizes, and you can choose one that is suitable for your dog.

Moreover, the toy is made from strong and durable material that makes it last a long time. This makes the toy perfect for destructive dogs since it can withstand aggressive chewing.

Also, it is perfect for lonely dogs with stress and anxiety as it can relax them and make them have something to do. It is used as a way to soothe the dogs and make them feel relaxed.

Additionally, the chewing toy is perfect for dental care and hygiene. Also, it helps with the puppy teething pain. When the pet chews on it, they relax, and their pain decreases.

  • Durable toy
  • The toy is flavoured
  • Great for dental hygiene

  • The dog needs to be supervised by an adult while using the toy

Check it out: /nylabonegiantdogchewtoys

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8. SnuG Rubber Dog Balls

SnuG Rubber Dog Balls

These snug balls are perfect if your dog loves to play fetch. Since the balls are colourful, the dog can easily locate them and bring them to you. The balls can also be used to play any other game that works with standard ball launchers.

The balls are made from 100% natural rubber, which is tough, thick and durable. This means that a dog can chew on it, and it will last for a very long time.

Also, the ball is easy to clean when it gets dirty. This ensures that your dog does not get sick due to playing with a dirty ball. The ball is perfect when you are playing fetch in the pool or ponds. Also, it is great for outdoor games in the field and park.
Each pack comes with three multi-coloured balls. This is enough balls to be used by your dog for a long time.

  • The balls are easy to clean
  • Durable, strong and tough
  • They are safe to be used by dogs

  • The balls are tiny, and the dogs can choke on them if not monitored

Check it out: /multipetduckworthducklarge

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9. YOMERTO Dog Toothbrush

YOMERTO Dog Toothbrush

Maintain the oral hygiene of your dog is crucial if you love getting kisses from your pet. Nobody likes having to deal with stinky kisses from the dog. This toothbrush is great, and it cleans your dog’s teeth instantly making the teeth sparkling white.

The toothbrush is Made from a durable rubber material. Additionally, the toothbrush is made from non-toxic material. The toothbrush is soft for the dog to use yet strong enough that the dog can’t damage it.
This dog toothbrush is made from durable and perfectly aligned bristles which help clean the dental plague that hides in the dead corner of the dog’s teeth.

Additionally, the toothbrush can be easily cleaned, and it comes included with its cleaning wire. You should always clean the dog toothbrush before use and after use.

  • Made from safe material that doesn’t harm the dog
  • Made from strong and durable material
  • It is easy to clean

  • You need to supervise the dog the first few times they use the brush and train the dog

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10. Multipet Duckworth Duck Large 13″

Multipet Duckworth Duck Large 13

This great toy is most popular with pet dogs. This is because the toy can be used to play fetch indoors or outdoors. It keeps your dog active and helps pass time and kill boredom.

Additionally, the toy is great for your dog to cuddle with it. Since it is large enough, it can be perfect for cuddling. Moreover, the toy squeaks which is double bonus points as it entertains your dog.

You should ensure that you are supervising your pet while they play with the toy. If the toy is damaged, you should discard it and replace it.

The toy is perfect for any age or size dog ranging from small, medium to large dogs. Also, it is made from durable, strong and tough material.

  • Made from strong material
  • It is a squeaky toy that keeps your dog interested

  • Be on the lookout for some cheap knock offs when you order for the toy

Check it out: /yomertodogtoothbrushchewtoy

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Pitbull Dog Toy Selection Tips

• Avoid mainstream dog toys.

It’s easy to find dog toys in various pet shops but most of these mainstream products weren’t made for pitbulls. This breed has stronger jaws and a greater drive chew than most canines. If you give them something that can’t keep up with their tenacity, then you will end up with broken toys very quickly. You will spend a lot of money replacing them not long after purchase. Pitbulls might inadvertently swallow the small pieces with negative consequences.

• Opt for high-quality products.

When selecting a pitbull dog toy, look for heavy-duty toys that are specifically marketed for aggressive chewers. These might cost a bit more but they will last a lot longer than average. Some even have a lifetime replacement guarantee. Check the kinds of materials used in the manufacture of these products to ensure that they are non-toxic. It would be much better if you could find some that were made in the US as there is a higher standard for items that are made here.

• Err on the side of caution.

Don’t leave your dog unattended if you are giving it a new toy. Observe how it handles the object and how well the toy withstands the abuse. Once you feel confident enough, you can leave your pet to play. If the toy breaks, then try to take it to prevent more destruction and intestinal obstruction. Never give pitbulls small toys as they have big jaws that can swallow large objects. Opt for bigger sizes whenever possible.

• Look for wear indicators.

A few toys have been designed to change colors as the wear level rises. Owners can take cues from the shifting hues in terms of replacement. With pitbulls, you need to have spare toys handy so you can give these immediately when the old ones are no longer in good shape. Otherwise, the pet’s attention might wander and it’ll chew on household items instead.

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Types of Pitbull Toys

• Chew Toys

Pitbulls have evolved to possess massive heads and jaws. The jaw is powerful enough to crush most things in its path. This must have been a great advantage to their ancestors when they were looking for food such as animal bones. Even though they no longer need to be powerful chewers, they still have this habit that owners must manage. Chew toys must always be present to distract them from phones, furniture, and all the other household items within their reach.

• Tug Toys

This breed is also known to be enthusiastic in tugging items wherever they want. Find tug toys in bright colors to attract their attention. Ball-and-cord type tug toys are widely available for this purpose. These balls will not deflate no matter how forceful the dog becomes. They will shrug off tugs and punctures every time. This is great if you have two or more pitbulls as each end has a cord that they can use in a tug of war.

• Chase and Fetch Toys

Just like a lot of dogs, pitbulls love a game of chase and fetch. The difference is that they might not always give the item back if it piques their interest. That’s why you have to make sure that you use a hard-wearing toy. Some of the best ones can contain treats inside as an added stimulus for the game. The color should be easy to spot if you are playing at the yard.

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Top Pitbull Dog Toy Brands

There are quite a few brands that specialize in this type of product. One of them is Monster K9 Dog Toys which create popular items of different shapes: balls, doughnuts, and sticks. They claim to test their products on pitbulls, German Shepherds, and the like to ensure durability. Benebone is another well-known brand with a good following. Consider their wishbone dog chew toy with has real flavor to make them more enticing. Kong, Goughnuts, and West Paw aresome of the other names to check out in this category.

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Average Pitbull Toy Pricing

The good news for owners is that pitbull toys are not really that expensive. Despite their much higher quality requirement, the cost of acquisition will not make you think twice about the purchase. In fact, most of these are less than $20 per piece. Exceptional ones can cost more but they are not required. Even the simple toys will do as long as they are built to last.

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Questions & Answers

What are the best toys for pit bulls?

Pitbulls have the ability to focus on a task until it is completed. This is bad news for toys as the pets are unlikely to stop until their colorful new plaything has been completely destroyed. As such, owners must ensure that the items they give are extremely durable. Regular toys just won’t cut it as these will be chewed up and spit out in no time at all. Find products that have been made particularly for pitbulls as printed on the label. This could come in any shape from sticks to balls to ropes. Bright colors can make them more attractive and easy to find.

Why do pit bulls chew up everything?

It should be said that most dogs love to chew. It is no accident that they have the tools for it: large mouths, strong jaws, and sharp teeth. Pitbulls simply have all of these attributes on a higher level. It should be no surprise that they love to use them for chewing. In the past, these must have given them an edge when chewing bones and other hard food items. They could survive where others could not.

Although they have plenty of food as provided by their current owners, old habits die hard. They will chew up almost anything they see in and out of the house. That is why it is best to direct this habit to specifically designed dog toys and away from more valuable possessions.

How long does the puppy chewing stage last?

Puppies are highly curious little creatures. They tend to explore their surroundings and chew on the things that interest them. For a lot of dogs, this tends to last for about six months. It is at this time that baby teeth fall off and adult teeth come in. This doesn’t mean that they will stop chewing altogether, but merely that they will enter a different phase of development.

How do you train a pitbull puppy not to chew on things?

Understand the reasons why pitbulls chew so much. For puppies, it might just be a case of teething. For others, it could be boredom, a satisfying sensation, a nice taste, or a nervous way of dealing with separation anxiety. Given these things, you can formulate methods to stop this unwanted activity so that it doesn’t become a lifelong habit.

The first strategy is to keep them away from things that you don’t want them to chew on. You have to clean up clutter and organize your possessions so that they cannot be reached. These include shoes, cables, children’s toys, and so forth. The next is to provide them with alternatives to chew on such as a dog toy. Encourage him to choose his own toys rather than pouncing on other stuff.

You could also alleviate boredom through exercise. This should calm him down and reduce his anxiety. Walking around the neighborhood and playing at the yard are good options. Since you cannot completely stop the dog from chewing, at least provide actual chews for dental hygiene and gum health. If it’s hard to make him stop, then watch over him so you can intervene whenever he starts chewing household items. If you cannot do so as you’re alone in the house or frequently going out, then you might have to resort to a physical barrier such as a crate to prevent the dog from wreaking havoc around the house.

Do pit bulls play fetch?

Yes, pit bulls do play fetch. They are quite eager to play games with their owners. As long as they have been properly trained, they should be able to complete tasks with ease. Just make sure that you use toys that they can readily spot on the grass. The objects should be tough enough to withstand their jaws so that they can actually return it instead of destroying it on the spot.

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