Doggy Dan Review 2020

If you have a dog and you are having a challenging time trying to train him or her, then you probably need a dog trainer to assist you. However, hiring a dog trainer can prove to be costly, and the other risk of doing so is that your dog could identify the trainer as the alpha dog. This basically means that he or she won’t take instruction from anyone else aside from the trainer. A solution to this problem is the Doggy Dan Online Dog Training Course. Dan is one of New Zealand’s leading experts when it comes to dog training. He’s worked with clients around the world and via his Internet portal. The online dog training course consists mainly of videos for various different scenarios such as dealing with bad potty habits, pulling on the leash and unnecessary barking etc. These videos are all recorded for real-life problems.

Doggy Dan Review

Dog training is essential especially if you expect to have your dog living inside your home. You need to teach a dog how to obey commands and proper potty habits. Some owners prefer to teach their dog specific tasks that enable them to become a support animal. So one of the best programs on the market today is the Doggy Dan Online Dog Training Program, and this is how it can help you.

This training course is predominantly a video course and is very easy to use. The course is straightforward, and the site is easy to navigate as each section flows naturally from one to the next. Alternatively, if you want training for specific tasks or commands, then you can jump to the relevant section as you please. It is much in a better format than an e-book, and it’s great for visual learners as the videos show you exactly what to do.

The cost of this program is $37 per month, and you have several options in which to try out the program prior to buying it. One of those options is three days of access to the full program for just one dollar. The sign-up process is simple, customer support is speedy and you won’t experience any payment issues.

So How Does it Work?

The entire philosophy of this online video course is the idea of creating a pack. So think of yourself and family somewhat as a Wolfpack when training your dog. It’s also referred to as dog whispering or alpha training. And it focuses, therefore, on positive reinforcement which is also healthy for your dog. The program is fully endorsed by the SPCA so you can trust that this program is high quality. The positive reinforcement tactic encourages you to reward your dog for the right behavior. However, not all dogs will respond to positive reinforcement, and some more stubborn breeds may require the correction type techniques which are also offered in this online video course. However, it is recommended by Dan that you only use the techniques that are necessary.

How Do You Become the Pack Leader?

In order for your dog to obey you, he needs to identify you as the pack leader in your family and your household. So your dog needs to identify and respect you as the leader of the pack and also needs to acknowledge that they are a lower ranking member of the pack. So basically you will need to learn to mimic the actions of wolves and become the Wolf mother, and this is especially when training a puppy. Unless you do this your dog will try to take control as the alpha dog of in family, run the household and likely behave badly.

There are five golden rules that allow you to become the pack leader. You can start by doing gesture eating. This is where you eat in front of your dog without feeding them first. This idea comes from the fact that the alpha in the pack eats first and the lower ranking members wait until the alpha is finished before they began eating. The other tactic is that once you’ve placed food down for your dog, you should remove it immediately if they don’t begin eating it straight away. This teaches your dog that you are in charge of the food and control all of the resources.

Secondly, you should ignore your dog after separating from them. Therefore when you arrive home, you should not give your dog attention since they are watching to see who is the leader, every time you to do so. So isolation is used as a technique in the video course.

However, the entire tone of the course is that you need to use these techniques carefully and avoid slamming, hitting or shouting. However, this can be used as a punishment or to prevent your dog from continuing in their bad behavior. The course teaches you how to change bad dog behaviors such as chewing, biting, incessant barking, poor potty habits and leash pulling appropriately.

Teaching your Dogs New Tricks

This online video course doesn’t only teach you how to correct bad behavior or teach your dog basic dog etiquette, but it also has some nice tricks in it. So you’ll be able to teach your dog to do tricks such as fetching slippers, how to shake a paw, barking on cue, how to do a high five, say hello or goodbye, spin around and even play dead. You can also gain access to the VIP insiders club once you purchase the program. The insiders club is basically a forum where you have access to Dan, and you can also interact with other community members and ask questions. So this is the perfect platform for you to ask questions or possible suggestions if you run into any issues or challenges with the training techniques.


-Doggy Dan has trained literally thousands of dogs, and there hasn’t been a single dog that he has not been able to train.
-You can ask them questions and send photos and videos
-No force or aggression is needed in this video course however positive reinforcement is encouraged
-You will receive weekly updateS
-You get to train your dog by yourself and thus affirm yourself as the pack leader or alpha dog.
-It is trusted by the New Zealand SPCA
-There are hundreds of videos for you to watch and learn from
-It is inexpensive
-Dan offers a 60-day moneyback guarantee in the event that you are not satisfied with this video course.


-Perhaps the only downside to this video course is that the videos themselves cannot be downloaded and you will need an internet connection to view all the content.
-Some experienced dog owners may find that the topics are limited so there is a possibility that you will encounter an issue that’s not covered in this online video dog training course.

Puppy Training

Perhaps one of the most valuable sections of this video course is ‘project Moses’. This is where Dan films the raising of his Border collie/Labrador puppy who is called Moses. The puppy is trained from eight weeks old right through to one year old. Therefore you have a timeline to follow, and you know exactly what to do at what ages and stages of your puppy’s growth. Since you’re watching a video you’ll be able to see and hear what you need to be doing in real-time with a real-life puppy.

This specific video allows you to follow Dan through every phase of Moses’ life and you will learn valuable tips such as:

– Introducing a puppy to a new family and home
-How to crate train your puppy
-Which toys to use and what you should avoid
-Obedience training,
-How to treat a puppy crying at night
-How to house train a new puppy
-How to train your puppy to be left alone
-and much more…

In addition to that, you will also learn other training techniques to use for puppies such as:

-How to walk your puppy appropriately on a leash
-How to stop a puppy from jumping up on people
-How to take a puppy on a walk without using a leash
-Which foods you should avoid feeding a puppy
-How to get your puppy to love their dog bed and their crate
-The difference between biting and mouthing and how to teach your children to know the difference
-Why it’s important to socialize your puppy from early on and exactly how to do so.

There are over 250 videos in the online video training course and you have access to Dan himself who will answer any questions you have in the forum. With approximately 250 videos, you can expect a number of behavioral problems and bad habits to be covered, the solutions provided and also demonstrated in these videos. So ultimately, this is a powerful system and irrespective of whether you are an experienced dog owner or a first time dog owner, you can achieve the results you’re looking for with the Doggy Dan Online Video Training Course.