Brain Training for Dogs Review 2020

Brain Training for Dogs is a program created by Adrienne Faricelli, a skilled expert in the area of positive reinforcement, who has worked on a number of dogs for quite a number of years. The program includes force-free techniques that are designed to ensure the animal is not harmed in any way during training. There are other techniques that have been notorious for causing the dog to develop a lack of trust and resentment towards you. In addition, you will experience slowed learning when force is used to teach the dog.

Brain Training for Dogs Review

Positive reinforcement yields more positive results. This is an indication that the thinking capability will be amplified and the dog will have the ability to figure out a number of things on its own. In addition, training will be memorable and fun and you will enjoy an active playtime with your dog.

Who is Adrienne Faricelli

Adrienne is a qualified dog trainer with a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT). She has a great body of work, which has been featured in number of reputable media; these include USA Today, eHow, All Experts and Every Dog Magazine. She has been consistently working with dogs for more than 10 years.

A Glimpse at the Book

This eBook program is in PDF form and can be downloaded from the internet. It is designed for you to have fun with your dog while it becomes the best. The following things are included in their itinerary:

• The main manual, which is Brain Training for Dogs, has over 300 pages.
• There is the accompanying manual on behavior training which is also a PDF eBook that has over 80 pages.
• There are the 21 videos created to show the ways in which the dog learns and with this type of information, there is no way you can go wrong.


This program is valued at $47, which you will find tremendously fair considering what you get when you purchase it. In addition, you can be confident that this program actually works. It could cost as much as $350 an hour to hire a trainer; therefore, for a science-backed, step-by-step, comprehensive guide such as this, the cost is more than reasonable. Essentially, for only $47, you will have access to all the videos and other materials, along with many years of training know-how.


This type of training is designed to develop the “hidden intelligence” of your dog, eradicate bad behavior and produce the well-behaved, obedient pet you have been dreaming of. In essence, the concept is that a smart dog is a well-behaved dog; therefore, having a more obedient dog will boost its intelligence.

The force-free techniques used in the program are meant to create positive feelings in your dog, which strengthen the behaviors you would like to see rather than creating fear. It covers a number of common issues with dogs such as puppy training, barking uncontrollably, constant whining, digging and chewing.

There are 7 modules in Brain Training for Dogs. With the program, you will also be able to access a private forum, obedience training and trick training. There is also a huge archive of articles, videos and other materials that are created by certified training professionals who have years of experience.

How it Works?

The discipline behind this concept lies in the way in which you will approach the dog to start the training. The trust that will be created when training your dog will be an extremely essential factor. When you have developed trust between you and your dog and you give frequent rewards, you will have no issues with the training.

There is a saying that essentially states that an old dog cannot be taught new tricks; however, this myth has been debunked by the techniques used by the creator. You will find that it is not hard to get your dog to do the things you want done, which will make training easier. The course through which you will be taking your dog will assist in gaining trust and guide it progressively from the easy tasks to the harder ones.

Pros and Cons


• The Training Techniques are Force Free and Science-Based

This is perhaps the number one feature dog owners look for in a training program. The overwhelming majority of dog training programs use force-based control techniques that instill fear into the dog, which has been widely disproved by a number of experts. The last thing you should want is for your dog to obey you merely because it is scared. Adrienne created her program in a way that uses positive reinforcement as a means of unlocking hidden intelligence, which is exactly what most dog owners are looking for.

• It is Comprehensive

The fact that the book is quite lengthy is a drawback to some but to others, it is an immense positive. When seeking out a dog training program, most dog owners do not want a course that would require them buying 2 or 3 different ones as part of a series. An all-in-one solution is preferred and with this program that is exactly what you get. In addition, the demo of the brain training games on the video shows you exactly how they are supposed to be done and how the dog is supposed to respond.

• Farricelli is an Expert

The trainer and creator of the program is an expert, which makes dog owners feel safe and trust the information. She is not only certified but she undergoes continuous training to maintain her certification and keep abreast of the latest techniques. The program has provided training for thousands of dogs and has received tons the positive reviews. Adrienne even gives out her personal email address for users to ask question or address any particular they might have.


• Sound Quality

The sound quality of this training program could be improved. It is not so horrible that it cannot be heard; however, the quality is obviously not as clear as a well-produced podcast, for example.

• The Book is Quite Lengthy

For some individuals, the detailed and comprehensive nature of Brain Training for Dogs may seem like a positive. However, there are others who do not find tremendous pleasure in reading lengthy details and could experience tired eyes. However, there is a redeeming aspect in that a lot of videos are there to break up the monotony of the text; as such, it is not the same as traditionally reading a book.

• The Work has to be Done by You

Even though many people see this as a con, it is not necessarily so. When you compare finding a local dog trainer, this program very often calls for a lot less work. In reality, there are a number of trainers who will have your dog for several weeks, have them undergo training and then bring them back to you. When this is done, even after you have paid for the training, you will still have to put in the effort and time needed to implement the techniques provided to actually see the desired results.

This feature is not something that needs to be improved as much as it is a fact that should be taken into consideration before you decide to purchase the program. The change will not come about if you are not committed to putting in the work required to transform the behavior of your dog.


Adrienne Farricelli uses her expertise to develop force-free techniques that are designed to create positive emotions and actions in your dog that support the behaviors you would like your dog to exhibit, as opposed to driving fear into your dog as a means of changing its behavior.

The best feature of this program is the fact that the dog training techniques are force-free and backed by science. Two other major positives of the Brain Training for Dogs program are that it was created by a reputable expert and its comprehensiveness brings about a sort of ‘one-stop shop’ experience for dog training. Additionally, the cost to access the eBook, the videos and all other training materials is only $47. In addition to that, you will always be able to benefit from a number of years of training expertise, right at your fingertips.

There are a few things that could be improved upon and these include the amount of reading required and the subpar sound quality of the videos. You should also take into consideration the fact that you will be required to put in the work in order to see the desired results.


However, having said all of that, there is absolutely no doubt that the Brain Training for Dogs program is well deserving of a 5-star rating. You should consider getting it now to be on track with having the well-behaved, obedient and intelligent dog of your dreams. As soon as today, this remarkable program could be used to turn around all of the bad behavior of your dog and totally transform both of your lives.