Top 10 Dog Foods without Peas, Legumes, Potatoes & Lentils Reviews

When it comes to deciding what type and brand of food to feed your dog, owners who care take the decision seriously. Dogs aren’t just pets; they become part of the family, and in addition to giving their human families unconditional love and loyalty, they provide comfort and company for many people in need.

Certain dog food ingredients are better suited for certain breeds or are focused towards particular aspects of canine health. From food designed to promote healthy digestion to shiny coats and strong bones, dog food can impact pets in different ways. When it comes to the top dog foods without peas legumes potatoes & lentils to support heart health, the following recommendations can help you decide which is the best option for you and your pet.

1. Purina Pro Plan Sport All Life Stages Performance Dog Food

Purina Pro Plan Sport All Life Stages Performance Dog Food

The Purina Pro Plan Sport All-Life Stages Performance dry dog food formula is designed to bring out the strength and endurance in your pet. It contains 30-percent protein from real chicken for building muscle mass.

With 20-percent fat for converting to energy, the rest of the food is supplemented with vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids. Purina Pro Plan is a good option for dogs of all ages as it contains glucosamine to encourage healthy joints, mobility, and healthy activity levels.

Even working dogs and canine athletes use the benefits of the Purina Pro Plan to facilitate their success and encourage a balanced life.

With a recipe specifically formulated to promote the metabolism of oxygen, endurance during exercise is enhanced. With EPA and DHA, omega-3 and six fatty acids, your pet’s health is protected with every bite.

Purina Pro Plan is a poplar choice amongst serious dog owners as its natural formulation features no artificial ingredients, colors, flavors, or unhealthy preservatives.

  • Promotes strength and endurance for working dogs or canine athletes
  • High percentage of protein for muscle mass from chicken listed as the first ingredient
  • Optimizes oxygen metabolism
  • Contains glucosamine to promote health joints
  • Suitable for dogs of all ages
  • Contains no wheat, soy, or artificial ingredients or preservatives

  • The transition to a high-protein food can be digestively challenging for some pets
  • Pricey

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2. VICTOR Hi-Pro Plus Formula Dry Dog Food

VICTOR Hi-Pro Plus Formula Dry Dog Food

The Victor Hi-Pro Plus Formula dry food formulation is a dog food you can feel good about integrating into your pet’s life. Its nutrient-rich and is made from high-quality real beef, chicken, pork and fish. The high-protein content makes it ideal for dogs that need to bulk up or gain muscle mass.

It’s vet recommended for all stages of a dog’s life from growing puppies to pregnant females and high-performance active dogs.

Victor Hi-Pro Plus is praised for its energy-sustaining ability and is perfect for working dogs, canine athletes, or simply dogs that are always on the move or at play. Using gluten-free grains, Victor Hi-Pro Plus provides dogs with a balanced and healthy diet free of peas legumes potatoes & lentils.

  • Made from 88-percent meat protein from high-quality beef, chicken, fish, and pork
  • Great for building muscle mass or for dogs needing to put on some weight
  • Highly recommended for sport dogs, working dogs, or highly active dogs
  • Nutrient dense enough for all stages of life including growing pups to pregnant females
  • Enriched with minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids for a healthy balanced diet

  • Product has recently changed its packaging and formulation
  • Transitioning to the new formulation must be done accordingly

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3. American Natural Premium Original Recipe Dry Dog Food

American Natural Premium Original Recipe Dry Dog Food

American Natural Premium dry food features a formulation that is carefully selected to bring quality nutrition and enhance digestibility for your pet. The high-protein content is made from pork meal, chicken meal, fish meal and whole eggs. This form of protein is proven for ultimate digestibility.

Enriched with essential amino acids, your dog’s muscles are nourished and supported with a consistent release of energy from a nutritious variety of health carbs from oat flour, barley, and brown rice.

American Natural Premium’s formula is enriched with probiotics after it is cooked in small batches to further enhance gentle digestion and promote a healthy and strong immune system.

  • Highly palatable blend of premium chicken meal, fish meal, pork meal, and whole eggs
  • Highly digestible
  • Enriched with amino acids for building muscle mass
  • Easy digestion means ultimate nutrient absorption
  • Cooked in small batches at low temperatures to promote flavor and added probiotics
  • Good for the GI tract, immune system, and improved stool texture
  • Food provides slow-release energy for endurance throughout the day

  • Food is expensive

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4. Merrick Grain-Free Real Chicken Canned Dog Food

Merrick Grain-Free Real Chicken Canned Dog Food

Merrick Grain-Free Real Chicken canned dog food offers your pooch a complete and balanced diet. The grain-free stew is made from high-quality deboned chicken and chicken broth for added flavor and moisture.

The formulation is gluten-free and is enriched with essential minerals, vitamins, and a healthy mix of amino acids to promote overall health and wellness for your pet.

The Merrick natural canned dog food is ideal for a wide range of adult breeds and can be used as a meal supplement or as a complete meal on its own. With no artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors, owners can feel good about giving this legume- and gluten-free canned food to their dogs.

  • Deboned chicken is the first ingredient
  • Provides a good source of quality protein
  • Ideal for dogs with sensitive digestive systems
  • Gluten- and legume-free option
  • Flavorful formulation
  • Supplemented with a premium blend of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids
  • Can be used as a supplement or a complete meal
  • All ingredients made from local American farmers
  • Reasonably priced

  • Produces smelly stool
  • Food has a strong odor

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5. Royal Canin Golden Retriever Food

Royal Canin Golden Retriever Food

The Royal Canin Golden Retriever food formulation is specifically for pure-breed Golden Retrievers over the age of 15 months. Known for their long shiny coats, their hair is soft and lovely to look at but is also known to cause skin irritation.

Golden Retrievers are also known for genetic problems such as heart problems, which is why it’s extra important to keep them on a healthy and nutrient-rich diet. A diet aimed specifically at the breed’s health needs is ideal to support their luscious coats, intelligence, docile temperament, and prevent heart problems.

The Royal Canin food formulation has the key benefits of containing multiple nutrients known for their positive affect on skin and coat.

The food is also enriched with ingredients such as taurine, EPA, and DHA, know to promote healthy cardiac function. The formulation is designed to also promote a healthy weight. The size and shape of the kibble pieces are tailored to the breed’s preference to encourage chewing and digestion.

  • Designed specifically for adult golden retrievers
  • Promotes healthy skin and coat
  • Formulation is known to support heart health
  • Kibble size is tailored to the breed’s preference

  • Not well suited for other breeds
  • Expensive

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6. Farmina N&D Ocean Codfish Food

Farmina N&D Ocean Codfish Food

The Farmina name is known for its prime-quality ingredients with a perfect balance of fats, proteins, healthy carbs, vitamins and minerals. The formation is 60-percent animal ingredients, 20-percent ancestral grains, 20-percent organic spelt and oats, and 20-percent fish, veggies, vitamins and minerals.

The Farmina products are free of peas, legumes, meals, and other by-products commonly used in dog foods.

  • Main ingredient is high protein
  • Contains limited carbs and low fiber
  • Ideal for dogs in all stages of life
  • 90-percent of the protein is from animal sources
  • Features a low-glycemic formulation aimed at pets that suffer from high blood sugar
  • Free of peas, legumes, meals, and other by-products

  • Food has a strong odor

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7. Holistic Select Adult Health Dry Dog Food

Holistic Select Adult Health Dry Dog Food

Holistic Select Adult Health chicken meal and brown rice recipe dry dog food formulation features an effective digestive tract support system. With its healthy probiotics, fibre, digestive enzymes, and natural ingredients, the formulation encourages the absorption of nutrients throughout the body.

Made from the perfect combination of healthy grains such as brown rice, quinoa, and oatmeal, Farmina foods provides dogs with a sustainable energy supply.

Enriched with veggies and fruits to provide fibre, essential for a healthy digestive system, your dog’s stools will be regular and easily move through the digestive system. Protease helps to break down the proteins, while cellulase breaks down cellulose and alpha-amylase breaks down starch.

  • Made from natural high-quality ingredients
  • Contains live microorganisms for gut health
  • A healthy source of probiotics and digestive enzymes
  • Provides dogs with energy throughout the entire day

  • Reported to cause a lot of gas

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8. Sport Dog Food K-9 Series

Sport Dog Food K-9 Series

Ideal for canine athletes and working dogs, Sport Dog Food K-9 series is a pea-free fish- and chicken-based dry dog food.

Made from the purest of protein sources and a balanced combination of healthy carbs and fats, the diet is ideal for highly active dogs. Carbs are kept low while fibre is kept high to encourage a healthy and smoothly-operating digestive tract.

With no artificial ingredients, fillers or by-products, this formulation is perfect for pooches with sensitive tummies.

  • High protein source for active dogs
  • Completely pea-free formulation
  • Combination of vitamins, minerals and probiotics promotes healthy digestion, skin and coat
  • American made with organic ingredients without the use of soy, wheat, corn, eggs or egg products

  • Expensive
  • Kibble size is small for large dogs

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9. Eukanuba Premium Sport 28/18 Adult Dog Food

Eukanuba Premium Sport 28/18 Adult Dog Food

The Eukanuba name is known for developing nutritional combinations and strategies that are implemented by canine nutritionists and dieticians. The brand philosophy is that canines are best eating their natural diet as carnivores.

Composed mainly from animal-based proteins, the Eukanuba Premium Sport formulation is designed for active dogs in all stages of life. It also promotes dental health, thanks to its featured 3D DentaDefense system proven to reduce the harmful buildup of tartar.

  • Made from animal-based proteins for ultimate muscle strength and mass
  • Designed for active dogs in all stages of life
  • Provides a balanced diet without the use of fillers or artificial ingredients
  • Added bonus of providing dental protection through the 3D DentaDefense system

  • Kibble size is better suited for smaller breeds

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10. Rachael Ray Nutrish Just Natural Dry Dog Food, Limited Ingredient

Rachael Ray Nutrish Just Natural Dry Dog Food, Limited Ingredient

The famed chef turns her focus to the culinary world of canines with her Rachael Ray Nutrish Just Natural dry dog food formulation. With turkey meal as the main ingredient, the food is a good source of lean and healthy protein.

With only six natural ingredients, the formula is enriched with vitamins and minerals to promote a healthy balanced diet that is grain, gluten, and filler-ingredients free.

  • High-quality turkey meal protein source
  • No fillers or artificial ingredients
  • Contains only six natural ingredients
  • Enriched with a balanced blend of vitamins and minerals
  • Grain, gluten, and filler-free

  • Peas are among the listed ingredients
  • Some owners have reported the formulation caused their dogs to develop diarrhea during the transition

Check it out: /rachaelraynutrishdrydogfood

When you are selecting dog food without peas legumes potatoes & lentils, you need to look at the ingredients. Most of the canine food has pea and plant proteins to add the protein level content. Ensure that the food you choose has animal protein as the first ingredients.
Animals like dogs have difficulty digesting the plant protein, and they require more animal protein in their diet.

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How To Tell If Your Dog Is Allergic To One Of The Following; Peas, Legumes, Potatoes & Lentils

Dogs suffer from food allergies as humans do. You need to be careful about what you feed your dog and ensure the food is safe for consumption.

If your dog has an allergic reaction to legumes, peas, potatoes and lentils, the symptoms can show immediately or after a few hours. If your dog has diarrhoea and vomiting, then this might be a reaction to the food.

Take the dog to the vet to ensure that it is okay. Don’t risk by assuming that the symptoms will disappear.

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Top Food Alternatives For Dogs With Allergies

If your dog is allergic to plant protein like legume, protein and potato protein, you can try changing the diet to something different. You can try other alternatives like starchy food, whole grains, animal protein and vegetables.

For vegetable, you can introduce spinach, squash and carrots in the dog’s diet. This will provide them with essential vitamins. Animal protein like meat, pork, bacon and chicken is easily digested by the dog as compared to plant protein.

Also, ensure that your dog takes whole grain like millet, sorghum and brown rice. The whole grains are great and provide the dog with the needed energy levels.

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Advice for Changing the Dog’s Diet

If your dog is allergic to peas or you are concerned about the levels of taurine in the dog’s diet. You need to consider all the alternatives food you have that can provide the needed nutrients and not affect your dog. When you switch to grain-free dog food, you need to find ways to supplement the nutrients.

Some of the manufactures overused grain food, which has led to some of the dogs having dog allergies. If your dog doesn’t have any allergy, you can still give it grain food.

Feeding your dog with grains is not dangerous or unhealthy, and that’s what most people fail to understand. Companies that produce canine food aim at providing your dog with the needed nutrients.

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Dog Food Selection Tips

• Animal Protein As The Major Ingredient

When you are getting dog food, ensure that the animal protein comes first. This includes animal protein like meat, fish and poultry.
Adults dog requires at least 18% of the protein in their diets while puppies require a minimum of 22%.

• Highly Digestible Carbohydrates

Look for digestible carbohydrates and grains. This is to make it easier for your dog to gain nutrients from what they eat. You can try some nutritious whole grain options like oatmeal, pearled barley and brown rice.

When you notice your dog has trouble digesting the grains, you can try some alternatives like starchy vegetable and tapioca.

• Get Food That Is Fortified With Beneficial Supplements

Dogs require a balanced diet at all times. They need to have certain minerals and vitamins in their daily diet. When you are buying food, ensure that it has the needed beneficial supplements. This is to make sure that your dog is getting a balanced diet.

• Get Food With Omega 3, Omega 6 And Fatty Acids

The essential fats provide the needed energy for your dog. Additionally, they help maintain great skin and a shiny coat. Ensure that your dog eats healthy and the food has the needed fatty acids. You can give the dog salmon oil, chicken fat and some plant oils to ensure that they are getting the needed omega 3 and omega 6.

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Types of Dog Food

• NomNomNow Human Grade Dog Food

If you love fresh food for your dog, then this type of food is the way to go. This food is prepared specifically for your dog. You need to provide the basic information about your dogs like the age, weight and breed.

This is to allow the company to provide the needed food for your dog. The canine food is pre-portioned according to the number of calories your dog needs.

The package comes with digestible grains, carrots, squash and spinach. This is to ensure that your dog gets the needed nutrients to keep it healthy.

• American Natural Premium Dog Food

If it’s your first time switching to food without lentils, legumes, peas and potatoes, you can try one of the most popular brands. This food is well known by pet owners who have switched to no legumes, peas and lentils for their dogs.

The formula contains brown rice, whole grains and chicken meal. Also, it has supplements like fish meal and pork meal. The food is rich in the omega fatty acids, which gives your dog a healthy and shiny skin coat.

This food is easily digestible and provides your dog with all the needed nutrients.

• Victor Hi-Pro Plus Dry Food

This formula contains whole grain like millet and sorghum. Also, it has around 88% of meat protein which is derived from chicken, beef and pork.

An advantage over this formula is that it is very affordable. You don’t have to spend more than your budget allows you to get your dog food. You can get this bag at an affordable price and ensure that your dog takes all the required nutrients.

The food contains 20% fat and 30% protein with 400 calories in a cup. This is great protein and calorie intake for any dog breed, size and age.

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Top Brands & Pricing

• Orijen

Orijen brand aims at manufacturing the best dry canine food that has all the nutrients needed by your dog. This food has more animal protein as compared to legume protein.

This is because dogs can digest animal protein better than legume protein. The dog food contains fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry and eggs.

• Acana

This is another great dog food brand that provides you with healthy and nutritious food. Their food contains all the needed nutrients to ensure that your dog is healthy and gets a balanced diet.

The food contains chicken meal, chicken liver, and deboned turkey. This food contains a high animal protein level, which is great for your pet dog.

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Dog food without lentils, legumes, peas and potatoes is quite affordable, and any pet owner can be able to buy. The prices range between $1.30 per pound to $3 per pound. This price depends on the mode of delivery.

Also, the price varies in different companies depending on the services offered. For example, some companies ask for your dog’s detail for them to make the exact proportion that your dog needs. Then the formula is prepared according to how much calorie intake your dog requires.

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Questions & Answers

What Is The Best Dog Food Without Peas?

Finding the best dog food without peas can be a struggle, especially if it’s your first time. You need to look for a food that has animal protein as the first ingredients. This way, you will ensure that your dog gets the needed amount of protein in their diet.

The best dog food without peas, according to this review, is NomNomNow. The formula has a combination of animal protein and vegetables to give your dog the needed energy and nutrients.

Why Is My Dog Allergic To Peas?

Peas, like most legumes, have a high content of lectins. This is a group of protein that is involved in some health problems. Some of the lectins are helpful to the body while some may cause health dangers.

If a dog takes a large portion of peas, they end up having more lectins in their body. This is what causes an allergic reaction, and they end up vomiting. Lectin level can be reduced by cooking the legumes or soaking them before they are fed to your pet.

Are Eating Legumes Bad For Dogs?

No legumes are not bad for your dogs. However, dogs can’t digest legume protein as well as they can digest meat protein.

The problem comes in when the manufacturing companies keep the legume protein higher than meat protein. This can cause health problems to your dog as they can’t thrive on this kind of diet.

Most companies use legume protein to add to the percentage of protein level in the ingredient. This shows that the dog food has enough protein, but the protein levels don’t help your dog that much. When buying canine food, ensure that meat protein is the highest.

Are Peas And Lentils Bad For Dogs?

Lentils and peas are not an unhealthy ingredient to add to dog food since they provide additional proteins. They provide fibre, calories and supplemental protein to your dog. However, they are less biologically valuable as compared to the animal-based ingredient.

Peas and lentils are not bad when added to canine food. The only problem is that the companies only add peas and they don’t add any meat. This can contribute to some health problems in your dog if that’s the only source of protein they have.

How Do I Know If My Dog Has A Food Allergy?

Dogs also get food allergy as humans do. When you notice that every time you feed your dog, it starts to diarrhoea and vomit, then the chances are that it is allergic to the food you gave it.

You can find out which food your dog is allergic to by using the food elimination method. This is where you strip down the dog’s diet to the essentials and reintroduce different ingredients slowly until you notice a reaction. Then you can know which type of food to stop giving your dog.

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Bottom Line

When you are selecting dog food without peas, legumes, potatoes and lentils, you should be keen on the ingredients of the food. Sometimes the food may have the plant proteins but in lower levels since plant protein is needed in the dog’s diet but in lower quantities.

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