Top 10 Best Chihuahua Dog Harnesses For 2020 Reviews

As a dog owner, you’ll need a high-quality harness to control your pet during the outdoor walk easily. Aside from price, you also need to consider the quality of a product. Ensure you make your purchases from a trusted online vendor.

Below are top Chihuahua dog harnesses to choose from.

1. Voyager Step-In Air Dog Harness

Voyager Step-In Air Dog Harness

• Designed for small and medium-sized dogs.
• Comes with a size chart for you to choose the harness that suits your dog
• High-quality fabric that supports use all year round

This is an all-weather vest that is made from a breathable mesh fabric to ensure your dog is as comfortable as possible. Your dog will not feel flustered from the humidity that would be trapped between their fur and the harness. You can easily walk your dog on a sunny day without worrying that they need the harness taken off now and then.

This is a safe product that does not put pressure on your dog’s neck area. They can breathe easy without feeling constricted. Since the product is designed with your dog’s safety and comfort in mind, you can use it for an extended period of time.

It’s a durable product with reflective bands, so motorbikes or vehicles don’t hit your pet. Even though you are intended to walk your dog on the pedestrian walkway, sometimes they can stray. These reflective bands save them from road accidents.

The buckle and double ring offer you the adjustability to ensure the harness is not tied on too strong. Your dog needs to walk freely without feeling like the harness is restricting movement.

  • Designed with your dog’s comfort in mind
  • Made from durable material
  • Can easily be adjusted

  • Not suitable for larger dogs

Pricing – $12.69

Check it out: /voyagerstepinairdogharness

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2. Comfort Fit Metric USA Harness

Comfort-Fit Metric USA Harness

• No pull harness that is easy to put on
• Comes with padded interiors and exteriors
• Has reflective strips for night walks

This is a highly comfortable product that ensures the dog feels nice and snug. The padding on the interior part of this harness ensures your dog’s skin is not irritated. You can use this product on your dog for long hours and not worry about the health of the skin. Besides, this harness is easy to put on and take off, so you don’t feel like you’re strangling your pet. In smoothly slips in and out and sometimes your dog won’t even notice you’re taking it off.

The best part is that this product comes in many colors to ensure you can represent your dog’s character. It comes with two D-rings that reinforces it in place. You won’t have to worry about losing your dog because the harness came off. Because the harness is lightweight, it does not exert pressure on your dog.

  • Comfortable fit
  • Comes in different colors
  • Made from high-quality fabric

  • Stitching comes undone in some places after some time

Pricing – $18.99

Check it out: /comfortfitmetricusaharness

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3. PUPTECK Dog Harness Soft Mesh Pet Puppy Padded Vest

PUPTECK Dog Harness Soft Mesh Pet Puppy Padded Vest

• No, pull harness
• Designed for dogs with small chests
• Made from 100% polyester

If yours is a small-sized dog, this harness ensures your pet is comfortable and snag. This is warm yet breathable product that keeps your dog feeling warm and secured. It is an aesthetically appealing that enhances the experience of walking your dog. This humanized design protects your dog from skin irritation or infection. You can use it on your pet for long hours each day without worrying about side effects.

You can use it on the dog when you go hiking when you’re running or go out for a simple walk. This product is the perfect representation of aesthetic appeal to functionality ration. You can easily clean it to ensure your dog stays fresh when they put it on. It comes with a back buckle that helps you fasted the straps around your pet. This is a high-quality product that is guaranteed to give you value for your money.

  • It’s functional and aesthetically appealing
  • Made from a breathable fabric
  • Can be used for walks, hikes, and runs

  • Sometimes the measurements are not right, making it hard to find a perfect fit.

Pricing – $12.99

Check it out: /puptecksoftmeshdogharnesscomfortpaddedvest

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4. SlowTon No Pull Small Dog Harness and Leash

SlowTon No Pull Small Dog Harness and Leash

• Adjustable pet harness
• Padded and reflective
• Lightweight and suitable for small pets

This adjustable harness comes with a leash to ensure you don’t lose your dog in the streets. The product is padded to ensure the straps do not exert pressure on your dog. It comes with a D-ring and buckles you can fasten to secure the harness.

This is a heavy-duty product that you can use for many years. The breathable fabric allows your dog to sweat without feeling flustered. The padding around the neck ensures that as you walk your dog, the slight pull does not press onto the dog’s airway.

It is specially designed to cater for smaller pets. The reflective material allows you to walk the dog at night. The leash is made long enough to ensure you’re not choking your pet.

  • Specially designed for small dogs
  • Aesthetically appealing and functional
  • Comes buckles that help you reinforce it

  • Real small dogs can slip out of the harness

Pricing – $11.49

Check it out: /slowtonnopullsmalldogharness

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5. Snazzi Pet Soft Mesh Comfy Step in Dog Vest Harness

Snazzi Pet Soft Mesh Comfy Step in Dog Vest Harness

• Designed for small, medium and large-sized dogs
• Made from breathable mesh fabric
• Comes with a Velcro closure

This is a sturdy dog harness that ensures your dog is comfortable all year round. It is a breathable product that keeps your dog warm in winter and cools during summer months. The Velcro closure and D-ring have been incorporate to reinforce this harness.

This is such a perfect fit that your dog cannot take it off no matter how hard they try. It is also adjustable to ensure you are not choking your pet. The fabric is washable, allowing you to keep it clean and fresh. It is a product that offers you value without spending an arm and a leg.

The product incorporates fitting instructions so that you don’t order a product that doesn’t fit your dog. You can order the product online and have it delivered to your door. The colors are very appealing, and because they are washable, you can keep them clean.

  • The washable products allow you to keep your dog clean and tidy
  • They are suitable for dogs of different sizes
  • You can be assured that the harness is not choking your pet

  • Some Chihuahuas are scared of the sound the Velcro makes

Pricing – $11.95

Check it out: /snazzipetsoftmeshcomfydogvestharness

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6. Pawtitas Pet Reflective Step-in Dog Harness

Pawtitas Pet Reflective Step-in Dog Harness

• Reflective vest harness
• Suitable for training your dog how to walk outdoors
• Comes with a wide selection of colors

This harness is designed to be used with a pet throughout all stages of their life. It comes with reflective material that enables you to walk your pet at night. It is an outstanding choice as it is ergonomically designed to guarantee your dog’s comfort.

It is a step-in harness that ensures your dog does not feel restricted from moving freely. You can easily wash it when it gets dirty. This is a safe dog product that ensures their airway is not blocked. Your dog can now walk comfortably and in style with this affordable product. The step-in design ensures you have an easy time putting on and taking off the dog harness.

  • Easy to put on and take off
  • It is washable, allowing you to keep your dog clean
  • Guarantees comfort of the dog

  • Does not stay on properly

Pricing – $12.99

Check it out: /pawtitaspetreflectivedogharness

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7. RYPET Small Harness and Leash Set

RYPET Small Harness and Leash Set

• No pull pet harness
• Suitable for small dogs
• Made from breathable material

These are excellent quality dog harnesses that fulfill both aesthetic appeal and functionality. You can take your dog out for a walk or a jog without worrying about it coming off. It is an adjustable product that allows you to fasten it around your dog’s body.

Even though it is specially designed for small-sized dogs, you can also use it on medium-sized dogs. Be sure to measure your dog to ensure you purchase a product that will perfectly fit them. The manufacturers ensured that the chest area is padded to aid your dog’s breathing. You can use it on the dog for long hours at a time without worrying about their health.

  • Durable and secure product
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Breathable fabric
  • Affordable

  • The back does not have enough backing

Pricing – $9.99

Check it out: /rypetsmallharnessandleashset

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8. Sporn Dog Harness – No Pull and No Choke Humane Design

Sporn Dog Harness - No Pull and No Choke Humane Design

• Humane design to ensure your dog is not choked
• Premium quality
• Fits like a glove

These are excellent quality products that ensure you walk your dog in style. The fabric is washable so you won’t have to replace it when it gets dirty. The material is designed to minimize wear and tear so that you use it for an extended period.

The best part is the adjustability allows you to use it through different stages in the dog’s life. The designing is ergonomic to ensure you don’t choke your pet at any one point. You can walk your dog on a hot day as the breathable fabric keeps your pet cool.

This is a product that’s easy to put on and take off. Your dog won’t resist the harness because they’ll associate it with comfort.

  • Aesthetically appealing and functional
  • Made from breathable material
  • Safe pet product

  • Stronger dogs can easily dislodge the harness

Pricing – $11.19

Check it out: /sporndogharnessnochokehumanedesign

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9. Gooby – Comfort X Head-in Harness

Gooby - Comfort X Head-in Harness

• Comes with a micro-suede trimming
• Specially designed for small dogs
• Made from polyester mesh to encourage breathability

This dog harness is what you need if you have a small dog you need to train. It is a high-quality product that is designed with your dog’s safety in mind. You can easily put it on and take it off whenever you need to. The ergonomic design makes it both aesthetically appealing and functional.

The product’s wash-ability allows you to keep it clean always. You can now walk your dog in style without worrying about its health. The snug fit is also meant to keep your dog warm during winter months. The breathability also ensures that during summer months, your dog stays cool.

  • Excellent quality fabric
  • Meant to keep your dog warm and snug
  • You can easily wash it when it gets dirty

  • It is not US-made

Pricing -$13.39

Check it out: /goobycomfortxheadinharness

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10. EcoBark Rapid Fastener Dog Harness

EcoBark Rapid Fastener Dog Harness

• Comes with reflective mesh
• Adjustable, no-pull harness
• Designed for small and medium-sized dog breeds

This a padded dog vest that keeps your pet warm and snug. The areas around the neck are carefully designed to ensure your pet’s airway is not blocked. You can easily put this on your dog without making them uncomfortable. It comes with a safety buckle that keeps the harness reinforced.
You can be assured that no amount of wind will blow off the harness. Be sure to measure your dog to ensure you purchase a product that will fit it perfectly. This is a long-lasting product that is guaranteed to give you value for your money.

  • Made from high-quality fabric
  • Comes with special buckles that secure the harness
  • Can be washed easily

  • Products are not true to size sometimes

Pricing – $13.99

Check it out: /ecobarkrapidfastenerdogharness

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Chihuahua Dog Harness Selection Tips

When selecting a harness for your chihuahua dog, the thing that you must seriously consider is the fit. Do not guess the size of your dog and buy a harness based on assumptions. A too-loose harness means your dog would easily take it off. An excessively snug harness, on the other hand, can render breathing a task. Chihuahuas usually need harnesses that are extra-small in size. Therefore, if you are considering a specific style, design, or color, make sure it’s small enough to fit your chihuahua securely. If you have doubts, always go through the product size chart.

Most harnesses are based on the chest measurement of your dog and are adjustable. The harness would or should never be the perfect size, but marginally bigger for a snug yet comfortable fit. Also, harnesses come in a range of materials, with cotton and nylon fabrics being the most practical. Both the fabrics are durable and washable. Though leather is a good material for harnesses for other dog breeds, they can be a bit on the heavier side for a chihuahua. Metal harnesses are not ideal since they could be on the heftier side too and not the most comfortable to wear.

If your chihuahua has long hair, you must consider that when picking a harness. Long-haired chihuahuas tend to get bogged down easily – you shall therefore look for a lightweight fabric. If the chihuahua will be wearing the harness throughout the day or extended time periods, look for a harness that will not possibly mat or bunch up the dog’s fur.

Practical design and functionality are always paramount when selecting a chihuahua dog harness. You would certainly want something that’s easy to take off and put on. However, that doesn’t imply you should sacrifice comfort or fashion. There are several chihuahua harnesses that strike the right balance between aesthetics and practicality.

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Types of Chihuahua Harnesses

Chihuahua harnesses are usually categorized by the type of material they are made of. The design, style, and color could vary across these different materials. The following are some common chihuahua harness types:

• Soft mesh harness: These harnesses are solid and reliable, yet comfortable to wear and won’t lead to any chafing. Generally, these dog harness types have good padding, but are still breathable. A soft mesh harness is a popular choice because it would keep your pet secure and safe without exerting any force on its trachea.

• Fabric harness: A fabric harness works well because it’s quite practical. These harnesses are usually machine-washable, which is ideal if your pet doesn’t miss a chance to play in icky stuff. At times, a fabric chihuahua dog harness could fit your dog like a shirt, which should make your pet stand out and turn heads whenever it comes out for a walk with you.

• Polyester harness: A polyester harness is another solid material choice for a chihuahua dog harness. It’s a light, soft material that could easily flex and accommodate your hyper-active chihuahua. Mesh and polyester are also usually merged to make tough chihuahua harnesses. Generally, polyester harnesses come with a “no choke” styling, which should be ideal for chihuahuas that have a collapsed trachea.

• Nylon harness: If you are looking for a more stylish harness, look for one that has grosgrain ribbon and nylon webbing. These harnesses look great and are practical too. They would alter themselves to adapt to your pet’s small frame and shall fit securely like any other solid harness.

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Top Chihuahua Dog Harness Brands

The following brands have made a mark for themselves in the chihuahua dog harness space. If quality, fit and reliability are priority, you shall not go wrong with any of the following.

• Puppia Soft Vest Harness

This soft vest harness from Puppia is cozy, has a straightforward design, and shall conform to the shape of your chihuahua quite well. The harness has good padding and is breathable to, which make it a solid choice for long hikes or everyday strolling at the park. This dog harness should also take care of your pet’s tracheal collapse – it’s made to not cause strain on your chihuahua if the leash is being pulled on. To summarize, this harness is high quality, functional, and inexpensive.

• Paws & Pals Control Harness

This Paws & Pals’ harness is ideal for adventurous chihuahuas. Chihuahuas are among the smallest dog types you would come across, which makes them quite agile too. But do not let the dog’s diminutive size fool you as it could be quite capable. This adventure-friendly chihuahua harness is made from lightweight, padded mesh and would withstand rains too. Most importantly, it has low-neck styling so that the collapsed trachea of your pet dog doesn’t flare up. Another advantage to the harness is it can be washed in a machine.

• Frisco Small Breed Vest Harness

This small vest dog harness by Frisco is adjustable and fits quite well. It has a unique attribute that makes it stand out from the competition – reflective bands sewn in for extra safety. Like most of the other dog harnesses mentioned on this list, this harness is made of a breathable material too, which makes it a solid option for any kind of adventure with your pet dog.

• Red Dingo Classic Harness

This Red Dingo dog harness made from nylon has a classic design. If you like things old-school, you shall certainly appreciate this harness. The harness has a good-quality buckle bone release clip on the side. It is available in a range of colors and is quite a comfortable harness choice too since it won’t cause any hindrance to your dog’s flexibility or movement. This harness is machine-washable as well, is quite durable, and has multiple adjustment points that ensure the right fit.

• Best Pet Supplies Voyager

This Best Pet Supplies’ dog harness is the one you should consider buying for the colder months of the year. Chihuahuas generally fancy warm weather. They easily get cold, which could make them to shiver and take refuge under a blanket. This luxuriously designed harness by Best Pet Supplies has solid padding and fleece lining that provide ultimate comfort and warmth. The harness may look trendy and expensive, but it is not. If you are on a budget, you shall most likely still be able to afford this one. Not to mention, this harness can be washed in a washing machine too.

• Doggie Design Mesh Netted Harness

This cool-looking dog harness by Doggie Design is practical, functional and extremely stylish. It is manufactured from a lightweight mesh fabric, ideal for chihuahuas with long hair. If your chihuahua weighs less than six pounds, this harness should suit him the best as it would be a good fit and will look quite attractive as well. There is a bonus matching leash bundled in too in the package.

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Average Chihuahua Harness Pricing

The price of a chihuahua dog harness would primarily depend on the fabric used, design, brand, and overall build. Harnesses are usually not expensive, particularly when you compare them to other things you may buy for your pet dog. The prices usually fall in the $8 to $20 range. In fact, the specific brands mentioned above fall in this price range, and they are some of the best quality harnesses you would get for your chihuahua. That said, there are slightly more expensive harnesses available as well, such as the ones from Embark Pets, ALBCORP, and Blueberry Pet.

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Questions & Answers

• What type of harness is best for a chihuahua?

Harnesses with a soft vest are usually considered best for chihuahuas. These are adjustable and come with Velcro attachments. Make sure you go through the sizing chart if you are buying the harness online. Most extra-small harnesses should work for chihuahuas weighing as little as three to four pounds.

• What size harness does a chihuahua need?

To determine the correct harness size for your chihuahua, go through some helpful guides online. Most harnesses come with a sizing chart which you may reference to make sure you select the correct size. For instance, the harness models mentioned above come with size guidelines on their product page. If you have proper measurements of your chihuahua handy, going through the size guide and buying the correct size harness for it should be a breeze.

• How do you measure a chihuahua for a harness?

If you’re measuring the dog to buy the correct-size harness, measure its girth and ribcage area circumference. Also, measure the dog’s body length and neck.

• Can you walk a chihuahua with a collar?

Walking a chihuahua with a collar is certainly possible but it isn’t recommended. This is because the collar could strain the neck of the chihuahua constantly if it has a leash attached and is pulling on it.

• Is a collar or harness better for a chihuahua?

If your chihuahua dog has a distorted trachea, you should go with a harness and not a collar, particularly if walking will be routine. All of the above mentioned harnesses should be perfect if your cute little dog has a collapsed trachea.

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